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2016-09-29 23:23:04
Two late-breaking sessions are being added to the Seismology program at the
2016 Fall AGU meeting. The deadline for submitting an abstract is Wednesday,
October 19, 2016 at 23:59ET/3:59+1 GMT. The first-author rule is relaxed
for the late-breaking sessions; authors may submit an abstract to the
late-breaking sessions even if they also submitted an abstract at the
August deadline. (If anyone has issues submitting, please reach out to
abstracts<at> for assistance.) Additional information can be found

Please contact the conveners if you have questions about a particular
session. We also ask that you help us promote these two sessions. Please
feel free to pass this announcement on to email lists that we miss.

Best wishes,

Dylan Mikesell and Colleen Dalton
FM Seismology Program Committee

*Late-breaking session #1*

Title: The August 24th, 2016 Central Italy earthquake

Description: On August 24th 2016 a magnitude 6 event occurred near Amatrice
(Central Italy), 50 km NW of L’Aquila. At least 300 people were killed and
three villages from the Middle age were nearly destroyed. In the first two
weeks after the mainshock about 6,600 aftershocks occurred, including 170
of magnitude between 3 and 4 and 15 between 4 and 5. As in the cases of the
recent 2012 Emilia earthquake (ML=5.9), the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake
(Mw=6.3), the 2002 Molise earthquake (ML=5.4), and
the 1997–1998 Umbria-Marche (ML=5.8) seismic sequences, once again Italy
experienced a highly destructive earthquake of intermediate magnitude. For
this late-breaking session, we invite the submission of abstracts on the
analysis of strong motion and intensity data, source, and response and
damage assessments, as well as on multi-disciplinary studies, which can
help to better understand the tectonics and seismic hazards of Italy.

Conveners: Francesca Di Luccio (primary; francesca.diluccio<at>, Eiichi
Fukuyama (fuku<at>, Jim Mori (mori<at>, David
Wald (wald<at>

*Late-breaking session #2*

Title: 3 September 2016 M5.8 Pawnee Earthquake, Oklahoma

Description: On 2016 September 3, a M5.8 earthquake occurred in Pawnee,
Oklahoma. This is the largest earthquake in instrumented history in
Oklahoma. Although Oklahoma has been seismically active in the past few
years, this earthquake came as a surprise due to its lack of significant
foreshock activity in the area. No strong aftershocks have been observed in
the first week from the event. This session will focus on improving our
scientific understanding of mid-continental intraplate seismicity
especially for this M5.8 earthquake, and we invite contributions that
include new observations, numerical modeling, and other pertinent studies.
Topics including but not limited to: source rupture processes, geodetic and
potential fields observations, aftershock studies, earthquake statistics,
seismic hazard, petrophysical studies, and geophysical imaging. We seek
contributions from diverse fields to facilitate a multi-disciplinary

Conveners: Jefferson C. Chang (primary; jeffersonchang<at>, Xiaowei
Chen (xiaowei.chen<at>, Katie Keranen (keranen<at>, Nori
Nakata (nnakata<at>

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