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2016-10-05 19:04:09
Institution: Pennsylvania State University
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Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Postdoctoral Scholar

The College of Information Sciences and Technology and The Applied Research Laboratory at The Pennsylvania State University are currently seeking US citizen candidates for a postdoctoral scholarship position. The job location is in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. The Scholars Program was designed to utilize mission-critical expertise possessed by highly qualified subject matter experts in DTRA’s mission to combat and respond to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) proliferation and use.

The position will support research activities to improve methods for understanding nuclear explosion monitoring with an emphasis on seismic methods.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. or equivalent in physical science or engineering, such as applied physics, geology, geophysics or other geosciences, physics, or a related field. Skills and knowledge required include properties of geological media, and an understanding of scientific analysis methods in detecting and characterizing earthquakes and other seismic phenomena. Ability to study seismic wave types, intensities, and the effects of topography and depth of event across seismic signatures is representative of skill sets that are useful or must be learned, Training or experience in seismic sensors and networks is beneficial, including modeling. Ability to understand methods in acoustic or hydroacoustic techniques is desirable. Experimental or theoretical specialties are welcome, but candidates need to be willing and flexible at learning and reviewing concepts beyond their specialty.

This is not a bench research position within a lab, but is focused on support of basic research and program management. The following are emphasized: (1) depth of analytic thinking to identify critical research needs and opportunities; and, (2) follow-up management of investments in basic research grants to foster success of the portfolio. The successful candidate will help implement new ideas into development of research topics, review proposals and scientific progress, and support grant oversight. Program success is achieved by increasing innovative knowledge needed for reducing threats posed by nuclear weapons, and more generally WMD threats, followed by fostering transition of basic research to applied research and development.

The successful applicant must be a US citizen capable of obtaining a security clearance, and be willing to re-locate to the Washington DC metropolitan area. The appointment will be for a one-year period with a possibility of renewal. To apply please upload a cover letter, CV or resume, and a completed DTRA application form. The DTRA application form can be accessed at

Apply online at
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