Thread: OO Network is 'down' for 2 days starting MON 2016/10/10

Started: 2016-10-10 17:23:17
Last activity: 2016-10-10 17:23:17
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Forrest Thompson
2016-10-10 17:23:17
The OO network ORB is down for some maintenance / changes MON 2016/10/10 and will be back up either late TUE 10/11 or possibly WED 10/12.

"All [OO Network] data will stop flowing during this time, and connections to the remote client terminals will be down. We anticipate that all will be back up and operational by our COB Tuesday, but if there are problems, this may need to stretch into Wednesday."

OO network data will not be available on the DMC seedlink server during this time.
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