Thread: read and write SAC files in Labview

Started: 2008-01-31 03:39:16
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David Tapia Pozos
2008-01-31 03:39:16

I'm using labview to adquire data coming from a seismic unit. I want to save data in SAC format and after to recover them. I would like to know if you can provide me some VI examples to write and read sac files.

best regards, David Tapia

  • David Tapia Pozos
    2008-02-05 02:33:12

    I need to record data coming from a seismic unit in SAC format because after my friend will analyze them on SAC software. I'm working on windows xp and I wonder if it is possible to use the library sacio.a on microsoft visual C++ and how can I do it?

    regards, david tapia.

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