Thread: SAC v101.1: Cygwin and libsacio

Started: 2008-02-07 01:07:18
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Arthur Snoke
2008-02-07 01:07:18
In the announcement for sac version 101.1, it was stated that one could
build sac for Cygwin (Windows) from the same source distribution as used
for the other operating systems. As explained below, that is not correct
and a separate source distribution for Cygwin is required.

Modifications for version 101.1 to some subroutines used in the sacio
library led to problems with Fortran programs run on the Mac PPC. These
problems have been corrected in the source and binary distributions.
There are no changes in the program sac or other programs (such as
saclst), but if you want to use the sacio library for Fortran programs on
the Mac PPC, you should get an updated distribution. See below for
further details.


For those who are interested in running SAC under Windows, you need to contact
IRIS directly asking for a Windows SAC distribution. This distribution is
source only and has been modified to run on Windows. Prerequisites include
Cygwin, the GNU Readline library, and the Sun RPC library. (The final two
libraries are available in the Cygwin environment and through the setup
program.) The major modification from the source distribution for other
platforms is that it renames the aux directory to winaux. This has to be done
because aux is a device name in Windows, so aux cannot be a directory name.

SACIO libraries on the Mac PPC

If you encounter compilation problems for Fortran programs calling
routines from libsacio.a on PPC Mac OS X systems, try changing your system
default version of gcc when compiling, and adding one of the flags -lgcc
or -lcc_dynamic to your compilation or load command. If you build from
sources on a PPC, try the build with no optimization.

  • Arthur Snoke
    2008-02-07 01:34:34
    Sorry ... In the earlier distribution of v101.1, the problems with some
    subroutines in libsacio occurred on all platforms, so if you use the sacio
    library, you should get the revised distribution.

    The fixes in the updated distributions may require some minor tweaking on
    only Mac OS X PPC.

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