Thread: EarthScope-Oceans discussion at AGU Fall Meeting

Started: 2016-11-28 20:07:27
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Nick Falco
2016-11-28 20:07:27
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Guust Nolet

The development of a floating seismometer (Mermaid) has given rise to efforts to extend the global seismic network and enable acoustic/seismic measurements globally in the oceans. A beginning of such network, baptized EarthScope-Oceans, or ESO, will now become a reality in 2017.

We therefore think it is timely to organize a meeting, open to anybody interested to discuss the future of environmental monitoring in the oceans. The meeting will be held during the forthcoming AGU 2016 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, on:

Wednesday, December 14, 16:00 - in the MOMA room of the Zelos Hotel, 12 Fourth St., San Francisco

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