Thread: con works in 100.1 but not in 101.0

Started: 2008-02-11 07:42:20
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Jim Lawson
2008-02-11 07:42:20
echo on
setbb yyyymmdd $YYYYMMDD

setbb FILEd378d2 (con 'd378d2.' %yyyymmdd '.000000.sac')
setbb FILEd378d4 (con 'd378d4.' %yyyymmdd '.000000.sac')

writebbf WWW.FILES.BBF

The above macro works in sac 100.0 but in 101.0
the first setbb statement causes error 1201
can't find vars variable. Apparently the con
statement is not forming a filename in 101.0
as it did in 100.0.

Typically YYYYMMDD will be something like
"20080210". And I want FILEd378d2 to be


I have tried to change blanks, single and
double quotes around on the setbb line,
but I have not hit anything that works in
101.0. All I can get out of the manual
suggests that the way I have it is OK.


Jim Lawson
Oklahoma Geological Survey Observatory

09:10:00 v.ad6b513c