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Anne Meltzer
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Interested in earthquake rapid response? We encourage abstract submissions to the special session below for the April 18-20 SSA Meeting in Denver.

Abstract Deadline 11 January 2017

Earthquake Rapid Response
Rapid deployments of seismic arrays and GPS receivers after recent large earthquakes demonstrate the power of well recorded aftershock sequences and the postseismic deformation field to shed light on earthquake ruptures and transient processes associated with these events. In the wake of large earthquakes, coordinated, dense, well positioned deployments of seismic arrays, GPS receivers, and EM/MT instruments, combined with field studies and satellite based geodetic measurements and imagery, provide a high-resolution definition of the rupture zone, rupture-limiting structures, and insight into postseismic deformation, earthquake triggering, the role of fluids in faulting, changes in material properties, and fault zone healing. Data from earthquake rapid response efforts can advance earthquake forecasting research and yields a densely sampled high-resolution data set to characterize in detail earth structure and to image fault networks.
We invite abstracts that report results from post earthquake response efforts and aftershock studies, address the benefits of multidisciplinary data collected after an event, present ideas about how to better coordinate efforts and improve efficiencies of rapid deployments, and technological developments that enhance our ability to effectively deploy instruments and/or collect field data after large events.

Session Chairs
Anne Meltzer <ameltzer<at>>
Jay Pulliam <Jay_Pulliam<at>>
Dan McNamara <mcnamara<at>>

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