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We would like to draw you attention to the session "Recent Moderate Oklahoma Earthquakes: Widely Felt and Often Damaging" at the SSA 2017 Annual Meeting. Our goal is to attract speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds to discuss recent significant earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Abstracts are due January 11th, 2017.

Recent Moderate Oklahoma Earthquakes: Widely Felt and Often Damaging

While historically moderate earthquake (M5-6) are rare in Oklahoma, recently the State has experienced an unprecedented number of moderate events. First, on February 13th, 2016, a Mw 5.1 earthquake occurred near Fairview, Oklahoma. On September 3rd, 2016, near the city of Pawnee, Oklahoma experienced its largest historic earthquake (Mw 5.8). Most recently, on November 6th 2016, a Mw 5.0 earthquake occurred near Cushing, Oklahoma, resulting in significant damage to homes and businesses. All of these moderate earthquakes have occurred in a region of Oklahoma that has seen an unprecedented increase in earthquake rate, largely considered to be caused by an increase in wastewater injection. As earthquakes of this size are uncommon in the Central and Eastern U.S., these events present a unique opportunity to improve our understanding of intraplate events. As well, the wide variability in their seismic characteristics and their proximity to wastewater disposal presents a unique dataset to explore the complex link between injection and seismicity. We invite papers on a wide variety of subjects related to these earthquakes including, but not limited to: (1) constraining and comparing the source characteristics of these events; (2) describing observed ground-motions and intensities; (3) investigating the potential relationship between these events and wastewater disposal; (4) exploring the societal impacts of the earthquakes in terms of preparedness, business impacts, and oil and gas regulatory and emergency management response. Our aim is to have a wide-variety of presentations that explore a broad range of observations from these events.

Session Chairs:
William Yeck <wyeck<at>>
Robert Williams <rawilliams<at>>
Justin Rubinstein <jrubinstein<at>>

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