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Angela Chung
2016-12-20 19:04:25
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the special session “Advances in Earthquake Early Warning” at the SSA 2017 Annual Meeting.

The deadline for abstract submission is January 11, 2017.

Advances in Earthquake Early Warning

Earthquake early warning (EEW) systems provide advance warning of potentially damaging ground shaking and enable the activation of protective actions to prevent or reduce injuries or economic losses. A variety of EEW alert capabilities are in operation or under development in multiple regions of high seismic risk around the world. These vary in complexity from systems that take relatively simple actions based on ground motions exceeding a threshold at a single site to network-based systems that track an evolving rupture across multiple sensors. All EEW systems must consider: 1) types and quality of available ground motion data (seismic, GNSS, etc.), 2) sensor layout including station distribution, telemetry, and latencies, 3) methodologies for estimating source properties and/or predicting ground motion, 4) communication and use of alerts, and 5) evaluation of system performance. We invite contributions that address all aspects of EEW systems from the theoretical underpinnings to education and outreach efforts.

Session Chairs:
Elizabeth Cochran <ecochran<at>>
Angela Chung <aichung<at>>
Douglas Given <doug<at>>

We hope to see you in Denver!

Elizabeth Cochran, USGS
Angela Chung, University of California, Berkeley
Douglas Given, USGS
Dr. Angela Chung
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

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