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Richard Aster
Colorado State University

Dear Colleagues -- Kindly note our Volcano Seismology special session, below, at toe 2017 Seismological Society of America meeting in Denver.

Thank You,
Rick, Ninfa, Steve, Jeremy, and Matt

Novel Approaches to Understanding Active Volcanoes

Recent advances over a range of geophysical techniques offer unique opportunities for improving our understanding of active volcanic systems. New developments in volcano seismology have allowed for the identification of several categories of volcanic seismic events, and more definitive interpretations of these events in terms of different physical processes. Novel approaches in tomographic and other seismic methods and the increasing capability for deploying large N-arrays at volcanoes allow for a more precise picture of magma storage and migration to emerge. Widespread availability of continuous seismic data, often analyzed in conjunction with other data streams, has facilitated many studies aimed at better constraining the dynamic nature of volcanic unrest. These studies may help to more accurately track and forecast volcanic activity through time. In this session, we welcome studies that employ novel geophysical methods and/or new datasets to better understand the distribution and migration of magma and volatiles at active volcanoes. We are especially interested in studies that combine seismology with other monitoring or modeling techniques, such as ground deformation, gas monitoring, infrasound, petrology, and fluid dynamics of magmatic systems. One of the seismological aspects we wish to emphasize in this session is the interaction of magma with hydrothermal systems and the resulting seismic signatures.

Session Chairs:
Ninfa Bennington <ninfa<at>>
Stephen McNutt <smcnutt<at>>
Jeremy Pesicek <jpesicek<at>>
Richard Aster <rick.aster<at>>
Matthew Haney <mhaney<at>>

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