Thread: 2017 SSA session on "Fine Scale Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle"

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Please consider submitting an abstract to the following session at SSA
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"Fine Scale Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle"
Recent advances in seismology have enabled increased resolution of structure in the crust and upper mantle, such as refined images of the Moho, sharp boundaries at the base of or within oceanic lithosphere, the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath continents, mid-lithospheric discontinuities, depth resolution of both azimuthal and radial anisotropy, etc. This session will highlight both new techniques for resolving structure and results that bear on geodynamic questions. Lev P. Vinnik, who will receive the Reid Medal in 2017, will give a key note lecture in this session.
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Peter Molnar <molnar<at> <molnar<at>>>
Barbara Romanowicz <barbara<at> <barbara<at>>>
Steven Roecker <roecks<at> <roecks<at>>>

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