Thread: 2017 SSA Special Session on 'Intraplate Earthquakes: Central and Eastern North America and Worldwide'

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Please consider submitting an abstract to the special session:  Intraplate Earthquakes: Central and Eastern North America and Worldwide at the 2017 SSA Annual Meeting (deadline Jan 11, 2017). 

We are looking forward to stimulating and insightful discussions about intraplate seismicity and deformation and special contributions from our invited presenters:  Berk Biryol, Eric Calais, Bill Holt and Rob Williams.

Lillian, Chris, Will

Lillian Soto-Cordero <lis213<at>>
Christine Powell <capowell<at>>
Will Levandowski <wlevandowski<at>>

Session description: Low strain rates and long recurrence intervals pose particular challenges to our understanding of the characteristics of and mechanisms responsible for seismicity in plate interiors. Nevertheless, continued investigation of intraplate earthquakes is needed to mitigate the damage they will produce to heavily populated areas and to ill-prepared infrastructure. This special session seeks to span the spectrum of studies on intraplate seismicity: its spatial and/or temporal distribution, scaling relationships, the role of crustal and/or upper mantle structures and dynamics, and seismic hazard implications. We invite contributions from new results derived from the use of EarthScope Transportable Array data and from studies worldwide.
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