Thread: Inner Core Structure & Dynamics: IAG-IASPEI in Kobe

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Hrvoje Tkalcic
The Australian National University

Dear colleagues,

IAG-IASPEI joint assembly will be held from July 30 to August 4 this year in Kobe, Japan. I would like to draw your attention to IASPEI Symposia, and the session on the inner core, S18: Inner Core Structure and Dynamics. We hope to receive interesting submissions on this topic from all disciplines and are looking forward to seeing many of you in Kobe, the city that experienced a devastating earthquake in 1995.

The scientific program is posted at the conference website:
N.B. The abstract submission deadline is on February 8, 2017.

INNER CORE Structure and Dynamics
The inner core crystallizes from the liquid iron alloy of the outer core, yet its seismic structure is complex. Wave speeds in it are anisotropic with strength and, possibly, an orientation that varies radially. Multiple datasets confirm quasi-hemispheric modulation of bulk wave speeds in the top several hundred kilometers of the inner core, which, to date, is the most robust seismological observation. The inner core boundary has been shown to have complex lateral variations, possibly due to topography and lateral variations in crystallization. The recent attenuation studies converge on a more complex lateral variation than purely hemispheric. The complex structure reflects both the present thermochemical conditions in the core and its dynamical evolution after crystallization in the past. We invite contributions in this session from observational seismology, core dynamics, geomagnetism and mineral physics that bear on inner core structure and evolution.

Best wishes,

Hrvoje Tkalčić,
The Australian National University
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