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Christine Hernlund
2017-01-24 18:20:36
Come join us July 30-Aug 4 in Kobe, Japan to discuss that chunk of rock that really holds the planet together, the mid mantle! Don’t delay, the abstract deadline is February 8th.
Invited Speakers:
Jun Tsuchiya - Ehime University
Maxim Ballmer - ETH Zurich
Izumi Mashino - Tohoku University
IASPEI05 Earth Structure and Geodynamics

S15 Mid-mantle structure

Convener: Christine Houser <chouser<at>> (Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

The mid-mantle, roughly corresponding to the region extending from 800 - 2000 km depth, is enigmatic since the signals detected by seismic tomography are weaker and lack the vertical and radial coherence observed in the transition zone and lowermost mantle. Although relatively seismically quiet, the mid mantle regulates the material transfer from surface plate tectonics and the thermal (chemical?) boundary at the core-mantle interface. Recent advancements in seismic imaging, dynamic modeling, and mineral physics have found signals in the mid mantle such as scattered wave arrivals, viscosity contrasts, and the iron electron spin transition which provide new opportunities to examine Earth's convective history. In this session, we invite observations and modeling from seismology, geodynamics, geochemistry and mineral physics regarding the mid-mantle's present state and its role in Earth evolution.

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