Thread: IAG-IASPEI 2017 S11/S12 symposiums on interdisciplinary studies of earthquakes

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Dimitar Ouzounov
Chapman University

Dear Colleagues,

The joint Scientific Assembly of IAG (International Association of Geodesy) and IASPEI (International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior) will be held at the Kobe International Conference Center, Japan, from July 30 through August 4, 2017.

The proposed scientific program consists of in total 43 symposia (7 IAG, 27 IASPEI and 9 Joint symposia). Among them, you may be interested in

We would like to draw your attention to the following sessions on Geospace observations and interdisciplinary studies of earthquakes.

S11 Geo & space technologies to study pre–earthquake processes: Observation, modeling, forecasting
Convener: Dimitar Ouzounov (Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling & Observations (CEESMO), Chapman University, USA)
Co-convener: Katsumi Hattori (Department of Earth Sciences, Chiba University, Japan), J.Y Liu (Institute of Space science, National Central University, Taiwan), Masao Nakatani (Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo, Japan)

Session will primarily concern the interdisciplinary observations of earthquake processes and our further understanding of the physics of earthquakes and the phenomena that precedes their energy release. Based on interdisciplinary studies session would provide new evidence about possible coupling between our planet's environment with its lithosphere, which provides a better understanding of the physics of earthquake and earthquake cycles. The session anticipates talks that include but not limited to observations, modeling and analyses of seismic, geochemical, electromagnetic, and thermodynamic processes related to stress changes in the lithosphere along with their statistical and physical validation. Presentations on the latest developments in earthquake predictability and prospective testing associated with major earthquakes are welcomed.

S12 An interdisciplinary approach towards earthquake prediction studies
Convener: Dimitar Ouzounov (Chapman University, Orange, USA)
Co-convener: S. Pulinets (Space Research Institute, RAS, Russia), Katsumi Hattori (Department of Earth Sciences, Chiba University, Japan), J.Y. Liu (Institute of Space science, National Central University, Taiwan), Q. Huang (Department of Geophysics, Peking University, China)

This session expands the discussions on earthquake predictability by presenting the latest validation of cross-disciplinary physical signals associated with the major earthquakes. It advances the existing studies on earthquake phenomena towards integration in a common interdisciplinary approach to understand better the earthquake processes. This approach could provide some new evidences about the existence of pre-earthquake signals, which may help for the better understanding of global tectonics and volcanic activities. The topics of the session are as follows but not limited:
• Discussion on the physics of earthquake preparation processes;
• Theory, laboratory experiments, computational simulation for generation and propagation of pre-earthquake signals;
• Seismic, electrical, electromagnetic, electro-chemical and thermodynamic observations of pre-earthquake processes and their connection with seismic cycle.

Abstract must be submitted at Other information such as travel support, registration, accommodation and travel information can be found at the above site.

The abstract deadline (February 8) for the IAG-IASPEI assembly is approaching.
We are looking forward to your submission of abstracts.

Dimitar Ouzounov
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