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Alisha Clark
2017-02-08 00:45:02
Dear colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to our session concerning fluids and
melts inside planets, which will be part of the upcoming 2017
Goldschmidt conference in Paris, France on August 13-18.

Session Details:

Title: (04F) Fluids and Melts Inside Planets: Observations, Models and
Keynote: Paul Asimow (California Institute of Technology)
Invited Presenters: Razvan Caracas (Université de Lyon) and Laura Cobden
(Utrecht University)

Fluids and melts play an important dynamic role in the physical,
thermal, and chemical evolution of planetary interiors. The presence of
liquids in planetary interiors has a significant impact on a range of
fundamental geological processes and physical properties (i.e. rheology,
electrical conductivity, diffusivity, density, partitioning, among
others). Because of this broad range of effects, studying geological
fluids/melts is foundational to understanding the formation,
differentiation, and evolution of Earth and other planetary bodies.
However, the study of liquids at extreme pressures and temperatures
presents unique challenges. And so, this session aims to unite
researchers from geochemical, experimental, theoretical/computational,
and seismic/geodynamical backgrounds who investigate the physical and
chemical properties of melts. Relevant topics include but are not
limited to: partial melting and melt extraction, liquid-solid
partitioning, the role of fluxes on melting, experimental studies of
melts at high pressures, the seismic detection of mantle melt
distribution, geodynamic studies of melting in planetary bodies, and the
study of melting at conditions relevant to exoplanetary interiors.

Conveners: Elizabeth Thompson and Alisha Clark

The abstract submission deadline is April 1st.
To submit your abstract, please visit:

We hope to see you in Paris!

Best Regards,
Alisha Clark & Elizabeth Thompson

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