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Zachary Eilon
2017-02-13 16:21:18
Dear colleague,

I would like to bring to your attention this year’s Interior of the Earth Gordon Research Seminar (GRS).

You might be familiar with the well-known Gordon Research Conferences, which combine cutting edge research presentations with lots of time for discussion, collaboration, and building of scientific community. The GRS immediately precedes this year’s Interior of the Earth GRC, and specifically caters to early career scientists, including graduate students, post-docs and early faculty. The GRS/GRC is a one-of-a-kind conference: just the right size to allow everyone to get to know each other while still being large enough to encompass a wide range of sub-disciplines. These events focus on un-published research and build in plenty of time to hash out the details and work on new ideas. It doesn’t hurt that the conference is held at Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA), where you can chat science while walking the trails, playing on the large soccer field, or exploring the exotic greenhouse in the down time. The GRS provides a forum for early scientists to engage with their peers and present/discuss their science in a lower pressure environment. The schedule includes time for ~10 participant talks, as well as two poster sessions, where everyone will have the opportunity to present their current research.

The focus of this year's meeting is the "Natural History of Plate Tectonics". In the 50 years since the unified theory of plate tectonics was first presented, our understanding of what plates are and how they move has progressed enormously. However, the stagnant surface of other planets demonstrates that mobile plates are not to be taken for granted. This seminar will focus on outstanding questions concerning the initiation, deep driving forces, longevity, and evolution of Earth's mobile surface, integrating multidisciplinary research perspectives. We particularly solicit research on linkages between past and present tectonics and the Earth's deep interior, complementing the focus of this year's GRC

The preliminary program is as follows:

Saturday 3rd June:
Keynote: The evolution of plate tectonics - Prof. Dave Bercovici
Oral session 1: Connecting plates to the deep interior
Poster session 1
Sunday 4th June:
Oral session 2: The cutting edge of plates: new views on plate tectonic initiation and the present day character of plate boundaries
Poster session 2
Science communication panel: Captivating the public and our government
GRC begins...
Applications for this meeting must be submitted by May 6, 2017. Please apply early, as some meetings become oversubscribed (full) before this deadline.
GRS Speaker Abstract Deadline: Any applicants who wish to be considered for an oral presentation should submit their application by March 3, 2017.

We hope to provide travel assistance to early career attendees.

For more information, see

We look forward to seeing you at the Seminar!

Zachary Eilon
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Brown University, Providence, RI
2017 GRS Chair
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