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Allstadt, Kate
2017-02-15 19:49:52
EnviroSeis: From process to signal – Advancing environmental seismology

See below for the third circular regarding the upcoming EnviroSeis
workshop. Abstracts are due March 13th and funding is available through NSF
for a small number of US scientists. If you wish to be considered for
funding, you must mention it in your abstract submission statement. See
Brandon Schmandt's earlier email to this list for more details.
A Galileo international workshop, 6-9 June 2017

In this workshop we aim to discuss the current use of seismic techniques in
the study of the Earth’s surface and the processes that act upon it, a
field that we collectively refer to as ‘Environmental Seismology’.

This workshop brings together scientists rooted in seismology,
geomorphology, glaciology, hydrology or bridging such fields. Thus we would
be delighted to fuse these fields and identify needs, challenges, research
questions, and the techniques and study areas to tackle these questions.

The EnviroSeis workshop is explicitly focused on discussion and team work.
We offer five keynote lectures across the width of the discipline:
“geomorphic processes”, “seismic sources”, “seismic wave propagation”,
“water and ice”, and “mass movements”. Participants have the chance to
present short talks and posters. We will have a series of breakout groups
that focus on revealing future research topics and bringing together
knowledge. An additional field trip will take participants for two days
into an alpine observatory, where a flavour of environmental seismology can
be experienced live.

Become a part of this emerging group of enthusiastic scientists that touch
new ground. Abstract submission is open until 13 March 2017. We expect two
short documents (100 words each): i) a description of the work you wish to
present and ii) a reasoning why you want to participate in the event. There
is limited support for early career scientists. The current cost estimates
for the workshop in Ohlstadt, southern Germany, are between 560 and 410 €,
depending on room preferences and career status.

For further information and abstract submission, please see the EnviroSeis

Kind regards,

Jens, Anne, Micha

Kate Allstadt
Research Geophysicist
USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center
Mailing address: Box 25046, DFC, MS 966, Denver, CO 80225
Street address: 1711 Illinois St., Golden, CO 80401
phone: (303) 273-8570

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