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Started: 2017-02-27 22:49:51
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pragyant prada behera
2017-02-27 22:49:51
i have converted a binary data file(seismogram.sac) to alpha numeric data
file(seismogram.con.sac) using below command.
convert from sac seismogram.sac to alpha seismogram.con.sac
whem i try to read this converted file using below command
r alpha seismogram.con.sac
some times it works but sometimes it shows error that file doesn't exist.
help with this.
after conversion ,i extracted amplitudes from convereted data file using
below commamd to a text file(amp.txt)
tail -n +31 seismogram.con.sac>amp.txt
can i read this amp.txt in sac?
if yes,how?
how can i merge a text file with other in sac?

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