Thread: CIG Webinar: Introduction to the spectral-infinite-element method - Gharti

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Thursday, March 9th, 2017

CIG Webinar
2:00 PM, Adobe Connect

"Introduction to the spectral-infinite-element method"
~ by Hom Nath Gharti and Jeroen Tromp, Princeton University

The governing equations for the elastic-gravitational deformation of
an Earth model involve a perturbed gravitational potential. The
gravitational potential is governed by Poisson’s equation inside
the Earth and by Laplace’s equation in the rest of space. The
infinite domain and large-scale nature of the problem poses
difficult challenges for numerical simulations in 3D Earth models.
In order to tackle these challenges, we introduce a
spectral-infinite-element method by combining the spectral-element
method with the mapped infinite-element method. Spectral elements
are used to represent internal fields, and infinite elements
represent the external gravitational field. Infinite elements
naturally couple with spectral elements, thereby avoiding an
iterative procedure which is necessary if the Poisson/Laplace
equation has to be solved independently. Potential applications of
new method include long-period seismic wave propagation, as well as
quasistatic problems, such as post-earthquake relaxation and glacial
isostatic adjustment.

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