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Larry Braile
2017-03-17 17:25:50
Reminder: We are pleased to again announce the Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience (SAGE) program for 2017.

SAGE is a four week graduate and advanced undergraduate research and education program in exploration geophysics based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. SAGE students, faculty, teaching assistants and visiting scientists acquire, process and interpret reflection/refraction seismic, MT/EM, GPR, gravity and magnetics data at a shallow archaeological site and at the sedimentary basin scale in the Rio Grande rift. We particularly encourage 1) qualified students who are U. S. citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) who will have completed their junior year and the requisite physics and math before SAGE, and 2) qualified U. S. graduate students in all stages of their careers to apply. All qualified applicants, including International and Professional, are welcome.

A SAGE 2017 one-page flyer is available at: (please pass on to students who might be interested). The application deadline is April 10, 2017.

The Application Instructions link in the flyer provides additional information about SAGE and links to application materials.

Larry Braile

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