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The EarthScope National Meeting is coming up soon, May 16-18 in Anchorage Alaska with a workshop day on the 15th. Full details are at the meeting website:

The deadline for student scholarship applications is April 5. The deadline for abstracts to be considered for oral presentations is also April 5th, although abstracts for poster presentations can be accepted until April 21st.

The first day of the meeting will be dedicated mostly to an overall EarthScope Synthesis session consisting of a series of exciting, invited talks by a distinguished set of our peers: Ved Lekic (University of Maryland), Andrew Schaeffer (University of Ottawa), Bill Hammond (Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology), Lucy Flesch (Purdue University), Emily Chin (Brown University), Colleen Dalton (Brown University), Maureen Long (Yale University), Brandon Schmandt (University of New Mexico), Lijun Liu(University of Illinois), Tony Lowry (Utah State University), Katie Keranen (Cornell University), Kaj Johnson(Indiana University), and Julie Elliott (Purdue University).

Oral presentations for the second and third days of the meeting will be drawn entirely from the contributed abstracts, within these 8 topics:

Fault systems and distributed continental deformation
New EarthScope results from Alaska
Fluids and melt in the crust
Subduction zone structure and dynamics
Stable(?) continental lithosphere
EarthScope applied beyond North America
EarthScope applied beyond the solid Earth
E&O What have people done and what are results from EarthScope E&O activities?

Now is the time to submit your abstract! We will also have dedicated poster time during the days of the 16th and 17th, plus a dinner program on the 16th and evening poster sessions. There is also an optional field trip on the afternoon of the 18th to see some of the impacts and geologic record of the 1964 earthquake.

The meeting registration and hotel rates are quite reasonable, and we have discount codes available for air travel from both Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. Airfares are quite reasonable at this time, and probably less expensive than you were guessing. Don’t miss this exciting meeting!

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