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Started: 2017-04-11 02:06:04
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Marcillo, Omar Eduardo
2017-04-11 02:06:04

I would like to know if the database schema for mustang metrics is available. I am using some of the metrics and I am writing my own schema to download the data but it would be easier I can use the schema you are using.


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    2017-04-10 19:39:22
    Hi Omar-

    Thanks for your interest in MUSTANG. We are generally reluctant to release our schemas and code for the MUSTANG system as it is pretty extensive when you get down into the details. It is also for security considerations.

    In general terms, we maintain a table with unique 'target' names, such as IU.ANMO.00.BHZ.M, which are referenced from the metric value tables, one table per metric, that contains the fields you see in the MUSTANG output. The target ID is a foreign key from the metric value table to the 'target' table, so when considering from this level, it's not terribly complicated. You could certainly create a capture schema based on this simple model.

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