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Xueyang Bao
2017-07-06 22:10:01
Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the session
S031: Advances in Full Waveform Modeling, Inversion, and Imaging. (

We look forward to your interest and contribution! Just a reminder that the
abstract submission is due on August 2nd, 23:59 EDT.

Invited speakers are Jeroen Tromp (Princeton University) and Wei Zhang
(Southern University of Science and Technology).
Session Description:
Full-waveform modeling has enabled seismologists to accurately account for
complex wave propagation in three-dimensional (3D) heterogeneous,
anisotropic, and (an)elastic Earth. This has led to great progresses in
imaging of the Earth structure and studies of seismic sources. This session
provides a forum for developments in full-waveform-based methods and
applications, including but not limited to: (1) development and validation
of forward modeling techniques and inversion algorithms, (2) automatic
full-waveform data processing algorithms, (3) multi-scale imaging of
velocity, anisotropy, density, and attenuation structures using earthquake
signals, ambient noise, and active-source data, (4) estimation of
earthquake source locations, moment tensors, rupture processes, and fault
structures, (5) model assessment and validation, (6) full-waveform
migration, and (7) wave-prediction and observation of site amplification,
surface ground-motion, and seismic hazard. Topics combining full-waveform
methods with other geophysical constraints and presentations highlighting
new geological/tectonic insights from full-waveform approaches are strongly
Best regards,
Xueyang Bao, Yang Shen, Nian Wang, and Dmitry Borisov

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