Thread: AGU Session on Upper Crustal Geophysical Parameter Estimation

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Dear Colleagues,

Please join us for exciting presentations and enlightening discussion and consider contributing to AGU session S034 Geophysical Parameter Estimation of the Very Upper Crust: Perspectives from the Field, Lab, and Mind to be held at the upcoming Fall meeting in New Orleans, LA 11–15 December. We plan to bring together researchers having distinct perspectives and interests to share common concerns regarding geophysical parameter estimation of the very upper crust. Please note that abstracts are due Wednesday August 2nd, midnight Eastern time.

Session description:

Geophysical parameter estimation of the very upper crust plays a critical role in, for example, geologic hazards, construction, archeology, and natural resource assessment and recovery. Methods of characterization and estimation vary widely from direct and indirect measurement in the field and lab to empirical and theoretical interpolation and extrapolation. In this session, we aim to bring together researchers from various disciplines and settings to present their work on geophysical parameter estimation of the top ~1 kilometer of the crust, which includes, for example, the influence of partial saturation, mixed phases, the water table, unconsolidated sediments, rock fractures, and weathering layers.

Invited Speakers:

Kenneth Stokoe, Georgia Tech

Kristina Keating, Rutgers

Kind regards,

Oliver Boyd, USGS, Golden

Alan Yong, USGS, Pasadena

Manika Prasad, Colorado School of Mines

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