Thread: AGU - Rifting in Africa: How did it start and where does it end?

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2017-07-17 19:57:49
Dear Colleagues,

We welcome submissions to this AGU session on rifting in Africa.
T031: Rifting in Africa: How did it start and where does it end?

Session Description:
The East African Rift system (EARS) is one of the largest active continental rifting systems in the world and has provided valuable insights into the anatomy of extensional plate boundaries. Despite the increased scientific interest over the past decade, many aspects of this rift remain enigmatic. In particular, it is unclear where the EARS ends at its southern tip, the stress regime here, and the resulting seismicity, volcanism and surface deformation.
We invite contributions from diverse fields of expertise (geophysics, seismology, geodynamics, geology, geochemistry, geodesy) on the characterization of the EARS. Of particular interest is the Mw 6.5 earthquake in central Botswana of April 3 2017, which provides new insights on the extent of the active rifting zone, along with the overall seismo-tectonic and geodynamic framework of southern Africa. Furthermore, we hope to shed light on the relationship between present-day large earthquakes and the long-lived geological structure of cratonic regions.

Estella Atekwana, Oklahoma State University
Hanneke Paulssen, Utrecht University
Steve Hicks, University of Southampton
Mark van der Meijde, University of Twente

Feel free to send any questions or comments to me at m.vandermeijde<at> or to any of the co-conveners, and we hope to see you there! As a reminder, the abstract submission deadline is 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on August 2.

See you in New Orleans!

With best regards,
Estella, Steve, Hanneke and Mark

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