Thread: AGU 2017 - G013: Near-Surface Structure and the Mechanics of Shallow Fault Slip

Started: 2017-07-19 20:54:00
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We know there are many AGU sessions vying for your attention. But we
hope you will consider submitting an abstract to our exciting,
cross-disciplinary session co-organized between the Geodesy, Seismology,
and Tectonophysics sections:

G013: Near-Surface Structure and the Mechanics of Shallow Fault Slip

Despite application of various geologic and geophysical methods,
fault-related deformation in the shallow crust remains poorly
understood. For example, geomorphic mapping and paleoseismology recover
displacement across discrete fault traces, but cannot resolve slip at
depth. Conventional geodetic measurements (e.g., InSAR, GNSS) capture
deformation over larger regions and can infer slip at depth, but lack
near-field data necessary to constrain shallow slip. Similarly,
near-surface fault architecture and rheology are constrained using
borehole data, rock mechanics experiments, and seismic tomography, each
providing valuable, yet isolated, windows into the physics of shallow
faulting. These varied approaches may lead to surprisingly different
inferred slip rates, shallow slip deficits, predicted near-field ground
motions, and conflicting interpretations of off-fault deformation;
affecting our understanding of fault physics and probabilistic seismic
hazard analysis. This session welcomes approaches that seek to reconcile
these disparate observations and create unified models of the structure
and deformation of the shallow crust.

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