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Started: 2008-08-25 19:15:06
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Brian Savage
2008-08-25 19:15:06
Dear SAC Users.

A new release of SAC (v101.2) is near and your input is requested.
A number of enhancements and bug fixes have gone into this upcoming
release. Included in these enhancements are
1) The (re)introduction of the SAC library
2) A new startup Options file.

The contents of the SAC library and Options file are listed below.

If there are additional options or routines you would like added to
either of these, please send them to sac-help<at> or
contact me directly.

The SAC library allows one to use SAC routines within their own
programs. Currently the included routines are
- Filtering code (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandreject)
- Correlation
- Convolution
- Envelope
- Hilbert Transform

The startup Options file allow the user of SAC to change, and set,
the options of commands. For example,
you will be able to set "qdp off" and use two columns for a
listheader (lh) for all sessions of SAC.
Current commands include:
- qdp
- listhdr
- xlabel and ylabel
- xdiv and ydiv
- history size
- color
- copyright and database control
- echo


Brian Savage

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