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Vladimir Kazei
2017-07-24 14:50:57
Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention and encourage abstract submissions to
the session "*Time-lapse monitoring of Earth’s interior*" at the AGU 2016
Fall meeting (December 11-15) in New Orleans.

*Session ID#:* 26600

*Session Description:*
Earthquake mechanisms and the effects of hydraulic fracturing are major
subjects of research in global- and exploration-scale geophysics,
respectively. The analysis of repeated measurements of seismic,
gravitational, and electromagnetic wavefields probing Earth’s dynamic
interior leads to better subsurface models. This session is focused on
studies concerning the monitoring of earthquake zones, oil and gas fields,
reservoirs, and engineering structures. In particular, we are interested in
works on stress-induced anisotropic effects on elastic and electromagnetic
properties. Theoretical developments in the analysis of wave phenomena and
computational approaches that enhance resolution, quantify uncertainty, and
better constrain the dynamically evolving properties of the subsurface in
pre-stressed areas, such as fault zones or fractured reservoirs, and
related case studies are welcome. Finally, we invite presentations
on microseismic and nonlinear methods, and studies in rock-physics with a
focus on multiparameter evolution.
Link to the session:

Your interest and contribution to the session are very welcome!
abstract submission deadline is August, 2nd, 23:59 EDT.

Best regards,
Vladimir Kazei and Dmitry Borisov

We look forward to meeting you in New Orleans.

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