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Kate Selway
2017-07-26 07:45:49
Institution: Macquarie University
Open Until: 2017-08-04

We are seeking two PhD students to work on the project ‘Measuring mantle hydrogen content to map ore-forming fluids and model plate tectonics’.

The project:
The goal of the research is to use magnetotelluric (MT) data to constrain mantle hydrogen content and interpret its relationship to tectonics, xenolith geochemistry, continental evolution, geodynamics, and the formation of ore deposits. Tasks for the PhD student(s) will include:
Field work to collect new MT data in Greenland and Western Australia
Inversion and analysis of new and existing MT data, including newly acquired data from the Siberian Craton
Development of petrophysically-based inversion schemes for MT data
Tectonic interpretations of MT and hydrogen-content models
Development of ore-deposit formation models

The scholarships:
One international and one domestic scholarship are available. They cover all tuition fees and include an annual stipend of AUD~$27,000 (tax-free) per year for three years. Macquarie University requires all PhD candidates to have a research-based Masters degree. International candidates must have a Masters degree or equivalent as the international scholarship does not cover Masters tuition or stipend. The domestic scholarship is open to Australian citizens and permanent residents and NZ citizens. This scholarship includes an additional $16,000 stipend to support the student in a Macquarie University Master of Research degree, so honours- or bachelor-level students are encouraged to apply.

To apply:
Your application should include:
A CV, including a list of any publications and relevant research or work
Academic transcripts
Your contact details and a statement of citizenship
Names and contact details of two to three referees
Please forward your application and cover letter to kate.selway<at> The deadline for applications is August 4th 2017, but applications will be considered until the positions are filled.
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Macquarie University:
Macquarie University, located in Sydney, is a recognised leader in Earth science research in Australia ( Our geophysics team is vibrant and diverse, with research strengths spanning seismics, magnetotellurics, joint inversion, potential fields, mineral exploration, and geodynamic modelling. We also closely collaborate with Macquarie’s world-class geochemists and experimental mineral physicists. Macquarie Earth and Planetary Sciences is strongly multi-disciplinary and students are encouraged to develop a well-rounded understanding of Earth systems. Macquarie University is an equal opportunity employer and under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

More information about the PhD program at Macquarie:
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