Thread: AGU session S022. New Advances in Automatic Detection, Location and Characterization of Seismic Events

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Dear Colleagues,

We wish to draw your attention to the following 2017 Fall AGU session.

Please forward this information to colleagues who may be interested in
contributing to this session.

The abstract deadline is 2August 2017.

*Session S022**.* *New Advances in Automatic Detection, Location
and Characterization of Seismic Events*


The number of seismic instruments installed around the world has grown
exponentially in the last two decades. The new data will enhance our
understanding of seismically active regions, but only if seismic events
can be accurately detected and located, and their sources identified.
Although the volume of data collected daily by seismic networks
precludes routine processing by human analysts, the concurrent
improvement in computational capacity enables us to design new,
automated, data processing approaches. Such automated analyses will
reduce processing time and ensure reliability and consistency. This
session highlights new, automated methods that can be applied to large
datasets, either retroactively or in near-real time, to detect, locate
and characterize tectonic and non-tectonic seismic events. We encourage
contributions that demonstrate how such methods help improve our
understanding of seismic processes.


Christian Baillard, School of Oceanography, Seattle

Clément Hibert, IPGS, University of Strasbourg

Felix Waldhauser, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, New York

Alessia Maggi, IPGS, University of Strasbourg

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Best wishes,

Christian, Clément, Felix & Alessia

*Dr. Christian Baillard*
/Research Assistant in Seismology/
School of Oceanography | University of Washington
206-685-9250 | _baillard<at>uw.edu_

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