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Emily Hopper
2017-07-31 17:19:03
Dear colleagues,

Please note the following AGU session, which seeks science contributions
relevant to EarthScope’s USArray and the nascent CCArray concept. The full
session description is below. The deadline for abstract submission is
August 2nd.

Best regards,

Brandon Schmandt, Pascal Audet, Scott Burdick, and Emily Hopper

*Session Title:* S035. Seismically surveying North America: synthesis and
emerging ideas as USArray spans Alaska and the CCArray initiative builds

A systematic broadband seismic survey of an entire continent is a former
pipe dream from the seismology community that has recently made major steps
toward reality. The EarthScope program’s USArray Transportable Array has
successfully covered the contiguous 48 states of the US, and is just
reaching its maximum extent in Alaska and northwestern Canada. This session
welcomes studies striving to synthesize new insights into continental
structure, wave propagation, and seismic sources illuminated by
comprehensive coverage of the contiguous US, as well as studies with
nascent results and hypotheses from Alaska and northwestern Canada.
Coverage of North America remains incomplete and the growing CCArray
initiative may offer an opportunity to connect the existing broadband data
sets by systematically sampling the Canadian Cordillera. Studies with
relevance to the potential science targets, design, and capabilities of the
CCArray concept are encouraged.

*Session ID:* 24626
*Session Viewer Link:*

*Invited Speakers:*
Meghan S. Miller, Australian National University
Benjamin Murphy, Oregon State University

*Emily Hopper*
*Postdoctoral Research Fellow*
*Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory*
*Columbia University*

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