Thread: S012: Geophysical Acoustics

Started: 2017-07-31 21:50:41
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Jake Anderson
2017-07-31 21:50:41
Please consider submitting an abstract to session S012: Geophysical
Acoustics (full session description below). As a reminder, the abstract
submission deadline is *August 2*.

Jake Anderson, Danny Bowman, Jonathan Lees, and Jeff Johnson

S012: Geophysical Acoustics
Session ID#: 27054

Session Description:
Pressure waves in the atmosphere carry a wide range of information of
geophysical interest. A variety of natural sources (volcanoes, fluvial
features, storms, bolides, etc.) and human activities (chemical and nuclear
explosions, supersonic aircraft, wind turbines, etc.) produce these waves,
and properties of their sources can be determined by acoustic analysis.
Further, acoustic waves experience path effects that can be inverted to
reveal atmospheric temperature and wind structure. Finally, breaking
acoustic waves may be a significant mode of energy flux between regions of
the atmosphere.

We invite submissions that explore acoustic wavefields and sources on Earth
and other planets. Presentations describing instrumentation, analytical
techniques, monitoring, and emerging opportunities are welcome.

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