Thread: New version of IRIS DMC Mustang noise-mode-timeseries Web Service

Started: 2017-08-03 22:49:12
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We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.0 of the Mustang noise-mode-timeseries Web Service.

New Features -

* Noise Model Comparison:

New to this version is the ability to compare computed daily PSD power levels with noise models.
The comparisons can be made against a 'built in' Peterson High/Low noise model as well as user
specified models. This new functionality makes it easier to identify noise level issues and
to compare noise levels from different sensors.

For a complete description see:

* Frequency or Period selection by range:

Also new to this version is the ability to select frequencies or periods based on ranges. Previously,
frequency or period selection could only be done with discrete values or by selecting all available values.
This is accomplished with a bracket notation. For example, to select all available frequencies between
0.5 and 1 hertz, the query would look like …&frequencies=[0.5,1.0]...

For a complete description see:

* Backwards Compatibility

The 1.3.0 version is backwards compatible to the previous version (1.2.1).

* Updated Help

Please be sure to visit the newly updated help page which documents
all features of the noise-mode-timeseries web service.

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