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Started: 2008-11-06 21:06:40
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2008-11-06 21:06:40

To all sac users

I'm a Ph.D. student of the University of Naples Federico II. I'm
analysing some seismic records in order to obtain the seismic response
of an earth structure. I was able to filter the signals and to obtain
the Fourier spectrum of the signal but I'm non able to obtain the
amplification factor comparing two different fourier spectra. Is
possible, with the sac, to compare two spectra and two obtain the
amplification factor?. Moreover is possible with sac to obtain
the response spectra of a signal?

  Thank you for your times and consideration. Waiting for hearing from you.

  Kind regards.

  Antonio Brigante  (antonio.brigante<at>[1]], University Of
Naples Federico II, Dipartimento di Ingegneria idraulica geotecnica ed
ambientale ).

[1] antonio.brigante<at>[1

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