Thread: Update to irisws-availability (v 1.2.0) released

Started: 2017-12-01 22:08:36
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Robert Weekly
2017-12-01 22:08:36
Hello web service users,

The IRIS DMC is pleased to announce release v 1.2.0 of the irisws-availability webservice.

The new version offers several new features and improvements.

(1) The /extent method now accepts start and end time parameters. These parameters accurately time-window the returned timespan extent availability information.

Example Query:

(2) The /extent method now supports output format “request". This output format creates a POST body that can be directly submitted to the fdsnws-dataselect and fdsnws-station webservices.

Example Query: http://service/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=IU&channel=BHZ&start=2010-02-22T12:33:12&end=2010-02-22T12:40:02&mergequality=true&mergesamplerate=true/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=IU&channel=BHZ&start=2010-02-22T12:33:12&end=2010-02-22T12:40:02&format=request

(3) The /extent method now takes a “show" parameter for controlling the display of optional fields. Possible values are ‘latestupdate’, ‘timespancount’, and ‘restriction’. Multiple selections can be made using a comma-separated list.

Example Query:,latestupdate,latestupdate> http://service/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=IU&channel=BHZ&start=2010-02-22T12:33:12&end=2010-02-22T12:40:02&mergequality=true&mergesamplerate=true/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=IU&sta=ANMO&show=timespancount,latestupdate

(4) The webservice now supports virtual network codes. For example network=_GSN

Example Query: http://service/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=IU&channel=BHZ&start=2010-02-22T12:33:12&end=2010-02-22T12:40:02&mergequality=true&mergesamplerate=true/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=_GSN&cha=BHZ

(5) The webservice now takes into account data restriction.

* Two new methods, /extentauth and /queryauth, allow users who have IRIS authentication credentials to check their view of data availability. These two methods are identical to the /extent and /query methods except they require authentication.

* All methods support the includedrestricted=<true|false> parameter which determines if only non-restricted data availability information is returned (includedrestricted=false) or if
restricted and non-restricted information is returned (includedrestricted=true).

* The /extent method can display data restriction state {OPEN, RESTRICTED, PARTIAL}
This is done by setting show=restriction and includerestricted=true

OPEN: No restriction applies
RESTRICTED: User must authenticate to retrieve time-series data
PARTIAL: User must authenticate to retrieve some, but not all, time-series data

This feature makes it easy to quickly determine data restriction issues.

Example Queries:
AF network contains some restricted data:

By default only OPEN data availability is returned http://service/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=IU&channel=BHZ&start=2010-02-22T12:33:12&end=2010-02-22T12:40:02&mergequality=true&mergesamplerate=true/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=AF&cha=BHZ&show=restriction

Adding includerestricted=true all data availability is returned http://service/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=IU&channel=BHZ&start=2010-02-22T12:33:12&end=2010-02-22T12:40:02&mergequality=true&mergesamplerate=true/irisws/availability/1/extent?network=AF&cha=BHZ&show=restriction&includerestricted=true

(6) POST requests to the service can contain global start and end times as well as per entry start and end times.
Previously, the /exent method took no time range information and the /query method only allowed per line time ranges.
Mixed formatting is also allowed.

Example POST query bodies with global time range selection. These could be sent to either method (/extent, /query)


Example POST query with per line time range selection:

IU ANMO 00 BHZ 2011-03-11T00:05:46 2011-03-11T00:06:46
IU ANMO 00 BH1 2011-03-11T00:05:32 2011-03-11T00:16:41

Please refer to the Help section for full usage details.

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