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Started: 2017-12-19 02:37:30
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Brandon Schmandt
2017-12-19 02:37:30
Community Volcano Experiment (COVE) -- Design Survey

The recent ERUPT, SZ4D, and USGS subduction zone science reports highlight the need for interdisciplinary, detailed research on active volcanic systems. With the survey below, we request your input regarding an initiative to propose a Community Volcano Experiment (COVE) to the US National Science Foundation to stimulate interdisciplinary research on active volcanic systems. As currently envisioned, ‘community volcano’ sites would likely target one or a small cluster of volcanoes and obtain a level of multidisciplinary observations that are not typically feasible for individual researchers or small groups. COVE would focus on data collection and dissemination only, and all data and data products would be immediately open access to enable broad participation of the international research community with cutting-edge observational constraints. The overarching goal is to facilitate research leading toward the development of integrated physical and chemical models of volcanic processes. The survey questions are meant to be generic with respect to the specific sites. Our survey aims to obtain broad community input regarding what kinds of data and data products, data access, and student and early career training and fieldwork opportunities would make community volcano projects an asset for your research. Free format input is also solicited at the end of the survey. Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise. We would appreciate if you could provide your input by Friday December 22nd, 2017. Questions and comments to COVE team member listed below will still be welcome after that time.

COVE Team - Brandon Schmandt (U. New Mexico), David Fee (U. Alaska Fairbanks), Tobias Fischer (U. New Mexico), Esteban Gazel (Cornell U.) Ronni Grapenthin (New Mexico Tech.), Einat Lev (LDEO), Christelle Wauthier (Penn. State U.)

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