Thread: SSA 2018 Technical Session - Recent Advances in Dense Array Seismology

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the following technical session
in SSA 2018. Please consider submitting an abstract (due Jan 24th). We
look forward to your participation!

*Recent Advances in Dense Array Seismology*

The availability of dense seismic arrays is desired to record
well-sampled and unaliased wavefields. The recording of full wavefields
combined with advanced data analysis techniques has the potential to
image the subsurface and to study source characteristics with
unprecedented resolution. The recent availability of low-cost and
easy-to-deploy seismic sensors and emerging technologies such as
Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) have made it possible to deploy large
and dense arrays in a reasonable time frame. Data acquired by such dense
systems promote the development of many new data analysis methods that
study seismic signals in a more comprehensive fashion. This session aims
to compile innovative efforts that engage in recent advances in dense
array seismology. We invite contributions from all research focus areas
that are broadly related to dense arrays. Example topics include, but
are not limited to, instrument development, field experiment with
Large-N or DAS array, high-resolution imaging of subsurface structure,
full wavefield reconstruction, environmental seismology and seismic
source characterization.

*Session Conveners*
Ting Chen, Los Alamos National Laboratory, <tchen<at>>
Fan-Chi Lin, University of Utah, <fanchi.lin<at>>
Norimitsu Nakata, University of Oklahoma, <nnakata<at>>
Catherine Snelson, Los Alamos National Laboratory, <snelsonc<at>>

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