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George Helffrich
2017-12-23 08:05:14
Dear All -

Please consider contributing to the following PICO session at EGU:

PS1.4/EMRP4.3/GD11.4/GMPV8.11 Mare Caloris: Physics, Chemistry, Dynamics and Evolution of Magma Oceans

Convenors: George Helffrich, Paul Tackley

This PICO format session will allow simulators of planetary accretion processes to showcase their best ideas and images rivalling Hollywood’s best efforts, and stimulate collaborations across the disciplines of physics, chemistry and geodynamics. The abstract deadline is 10th Jan!

Session description: Magma oceans establish the initial conditions on the development of rocky planets and their early atmospheres, and facilitate the differentiation of a planet into its mantle and its core. The physical and chemical processes occurring in magma oceans imprint the Earth and planetary bodies with their present-day observable structures.

This session aims to provide a multidisciplinary view on the earliest stage of the formation, dynamics and chemistry of the Earth and planets. We welcome contributions that address the structure, dynamics, composition and evolution of magma oceans (both shallow and basal), their evolution into a planetary crust, mantle and core, their capacity for dynamo activity in the core and molten mantle, and their interactions with the outer planetary layers. Temporal scales to be addressed range from the present day to billions of years ago, and spatial scales range from microscopic mineralogical samples, kilometer-size seismic structures to global planetary models.

Wir sehen uns in Wien!

George & Paul


George Helffrich

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