Thread: Invitation to Submit: New Frontiers in Seismic Data Analysis

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Dear Colleagues,

Increases in computing power, new advances in instrumentation, and improved analytical methods have yielded novel perspectives on seismoacoustic phenomena. We invite abstracts on the cutting edge of instrumentation, analysis, and interpretation methods as well as critical evaluations of recent advancements. Session description follows.


Danny Bowman

New Frontiers in Seismic Data Analysis

Advances in computing power, novel sensing systems and analytical techniques have revealed valuable new perspectives on seismic and acoustic wave fields. For example, computationally intensive methods like the Empirical Wavelet Transform can give much sharper time/frequency representations than Fourier-based methods. Large N seismic arrays, free-flying infrasound stations and distributed fiber optic sensor cables acquire nontraditional data sets that then require new signal detection, association and location methods. This session will focus on innovative ways of presenting and analyzing seismic data, with an emphasis on new developments. We invite contributors who have developed or are exploring new techniques and/or who wish to offer relevant evaluations of widely used methodologies.

Daniel C. Bowman, Ph. D.
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Ground Based Monitoring R & E (6752)
Sandia National Laboratories
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