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Tim Parker
2018-01-08 16:55:53
Dear Colleagues,

Abstract submission for the 2018 SSA meeting in Miami, Florida (May 14-17)
is open, and abstracts will be accepted through 24 January, 2018.

We would like to draw your attention to the following technical session on
telemetered seismic (geophysical) arrays including cabled and non cabled
ocean, national, international, local, energy, hazards and inexpensive mesh
net developments. New approaches to networked geophysical stations needed
for a proposed Subduction Zone Observatory can be explored. The goal is to
harvest as much integrated geophysical observations and data products from
the created array infrastructure to maximize the cost-benefit to the
supported science or monitoring program.

*The Future of Telemetered Seismic Arrays – Where the Operation of the
Network Ends and the Science Begins*

Seismic science generally starts with a quality waveform archive and a rich
catalog of well located events with accurate magnitudes. This session will
explore new and innovative ways of field operations and discuss input on
more efficient approaches to delivering this scientific starting point.
This could include cloud and network services (data products), engineering
services, improved instrumentation, co-located complimentary instruments
and less expensive installations. An integrative approach to station
building and management using many geophysical observations should become
standard in most supported telemetered networks. Arrays of seismometer and
geophysical instruments that address more use cases for less investment are
the key going forward. We invite abstracts on a wide range of topics that
affect the creation, management and type of geophysical stations built:
early earthquake warning, public hazard reporting, environmental
monitoring, science observatories, cost, performance, data use case, data
latency, noise characteristics, regional concerns and the cost of data per


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