Thread: Plate boundary fault segmentation, creep, and coupling session - SSA-LACSC meeting, May 14-17, Miami, Fl, USA

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Dear colleagues,
Please consider submitting an abstract to the session on plate boundary
fault segmentation, creep, and coupling at the SSA-LACSC conference, May
14-17 in Miami, Florida, USA.
You can access the conference website at: &
the technical session descriptions at:
Plate Boundary Segmentation & Coupled-to-Creeping Plate and Block Boundary

This session aims to begin characterizing the range of fault behaviors on
plate and block-boundary faults in the Caribbean and Latin American
regions. Presentation of case studies that use seismological, geodetic,
geological, geomorphic and other approaches to study individual locked,
creeping and intermediate faults and segments are invited. We also seek out
the presentation of work that uses both empirical evidence and modeling to
understand the physical causes for these differing fault behaviors. A major
goal of the session is to begin understanding how and why individual plate
and block boundaries are segmented and how locked and creeping segments
link in space and time.

*Session Conveners*
John C. Weber, Grand Valley State University, <weberj<at>>
Omar J. Perez, Universidad Simón Bolívar, <ojperez<at>>

Best, John and Omar

Important — Abstracts submission deadline is 24 January 2018
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