Thread: Call for participants for The 2nd Asia-Pacific Workshop, August 2018 (from Feb. 1st)

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Dear all,

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Workshop on Lithosphere and Mantle Dynamics will be held at (Location) Yokohama, Japan, (Date) during 6th to 8th on August 2018, which plans deepen discussions on:

* Seismological imaging,
* Earthquake seismology,
* Mineral physics and geochemistry,
* Geodynamics modeling,
* Planetary Geophysics,
* Ocean Floor Drilling and geology of subduction and collision zone.

The detailed information of the workshop can be found via:
where you can find the list of confirmed speakers as well as the tentative program of the workshop. Registration is open from February 1st to mid July in 2018, while your abstract(s) should be submitted by August 1 in 2018.

We also appreciate an earlier contact with us by the end of coming April from those who need a visa for their entry into Japan.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Yokohama in coming August.

Masanori Kameyama, Takashi Nakagawa and Takashi Tonegawa
(on behalf of LOC members)

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