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Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting your work to the following session in SSA 2018 Note the deadline for abstract submission is Jan 24th, 2018. You can submit your abstract here

Session Title: Applications of Machine Learning and Data Science in Seismology

The increase in computational capability in the past decade has made it possible to introduce and apply novel machine learning/data science algorithms and tools to the field of seismology, with the hope of extracting useful information from large and complex seismic data sets. Recent attempts in the seismology applications have shown encouraging results in, for example, seismic signal detection and classification, seismic data interpolation, earthquake parameter estimation, seismic noise analysis and reduction, subsurface structure imaging and complex signals/models visualization. More advanced techniques and algorithms are emerging with new possibilities, for instance: deep learning based on learning data representations has the potential to extract superior results from large-scale datasets. The application of these new techniques can help improve our understanding of Earth structure and seismic sources from a brand new perspective. This session invites all abstracts relevant to applications and developments of machine learning and data science in seismology.

Session Conveners
Qingkai Kong, University of California, Berkeley, <kongqk<at><kongqk<at>>>
Chengping Chai, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, <cchai1<at><cchai1<at>>>
Zefeng Li, California Institute of Technology, <zefengli<at><zefengli<at>>>
Min Chen, Michigan State University, <chenmi22<at><chenmi22<at>>>
Rongrong Wang, Michigan State University, <wangron6<at><wangron6<at>>>

We look forward to an exciting session with your participation!

14–17 May 2018, Miami, Florida

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