Thread: SSA 2018- Special Session: Observed Characteristics of Induced Seismicity: From Laboratory to Field Scale

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Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to the SSA 2018 Annual Meeting in the following Special Sessions. The abstract deadline is 24 January 2018.

Observed Characteristics of Induced Seismicity: From Laboratory to Field Scale
A wide variety of methods have been employed to examine the physical mechanisms and site-specific conditions that control anthropogenically induced seismicity. Laboratory experiments and mesoscale experiments of fluid injection into active faults investigate the role of fluids and friction on fault stability and the contribution of aseismic slip to the nucleation process. Seismic array installations including large-N array deployments characterize the seismic wave-field, microseismicity and fault structure. Advanced earthquake detection and location techniques are being used to identify complex spatial and temporal migration patterns and statistical methods are used to differentiate between tectonic and induced events. Deployment of pressure monitoring networks explore the migration of fluids in the subsurface and illuminate how earthquakes modify the poroelastic environment. Geomechanical reservoir simulations relate fluid injection volumes/rates to subsurface fluid-pressure changes and numerical methods couple reservoir models to earthquake simulators to understand how induced seismicity sequences evolve due to changes in injection operations. These methods reveal that the character and evolution of induced seismicity are more complex than previously thought. We solicit contributions from laboratory/field experiments and observational, geomechanical and numerical modeling studies that explore the wide variety of characteristics, as well as the physical conditions and mechanisms, that control behavior of induced seismic sequences. In addition, we encourage contributions that discuss datasets and techniques needed to further understand and mitigate the risk associated with fluid injection.
Session Conveners: Kayla A. Kroll (LLNL), Elizabeth S. Cochran (USGS), Brett Carpenter (OU)
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