Thread: SSA Session: Retrieval of Fine Scale Information Using Seismic Noise

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Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to submit abstracts to this year's *Seismological
Society of America/Latin American and Caribbean Seismological Commission
Meeting in Miami (14-17 May)* session on advances in fine scale imaging and
temporal monitoring via passive means.

*The abstract deadline is January 24th, 5pm (Pacific), and the abstract
link can be found here:*

Retrieval of Fine Scale Information Using Seismic Noise

The use of ambient noise and other passive sources, coupled with the advent
of large-N deployments, has been applied to an exponentially increasing
number experiments in the last decade. Parallel advances in numerical
methods and a deeper understanding of the physics and statistics of these
passive wavefields has led to a number of highly inventive methodological
advances affecting both the spatial and temporal resolution of recovered
structures. Namely, ambient noise body wave tomography, passive temporal
monitoring of dynamically varying structure through dt/t measurements or
other approaches, full waveform modeling of the ambient field, and improved
statistical models for diffusely scattered coda, have made substantial
impacts in the way researchers now approach classically intractable
problems. In this session, we seek to display such advances in the use of
passive sources, either through seismic interferometry or other novel
approaches, that result in the retrieval of fine scale information in new
settings or the improvement of algorithms allowing for retrieval of more
accurate physical parameters from previously tested datasets and media.
Submissions are encouraged for research tackling current difficulties in
resolution and physical parameter retrieval, as well as computational
limitations and solutions to such problems.

Session Conveners
Julien Chaput, Colorado State University, Department of Mathematics, <
jchaput<at> <brad_lipovsky<at>>>
Thomas Lecocq, The Royal Observatory of Belgium, <

See you all shortly!

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