Thread: IRIS International Undergrad Internship in SZ Science - Hosts/Students Apply by 2/28!

Started: 2018-02-27 17:05:34
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Applications from partner US/International co-mentors and students are
due *February 28, 2018, 11:59 PM Eastern Time*.

International collaboration is essential to advancing subduction zone
science. To facilitate research partnerships between IRIS member
institutions and international partners, we invite applications for IRIS
international undergraduate summer internships in Subduction Zone
Science. The goal of the program is to provide research and training
opportunities for international undergraduates, and to help cultivate
long-term international research and educational partnerships in the
seismology community. Financial support for the program is provided by
the Simpson Innovation Fund.

Click below for full description of this opportunity, requirements for
hosts and students, and the specific application pages.*

applications that are not part of an identified host/mentor project will
not be considered.***


General questions should be addressed to Anne Meltzer (ameltzer AT If you experience any problems with the application process
or did not receive a confirmation email for an already submitted
application, please please contact Andy Frassetto (andyf AT

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