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Kelsey Prissel
2018-03-09 01:38:15

We would like to bring to your attention our session, *02d: The Origin and
Coupled Evolution of Planetary Cores and Mantles*, at the *Goldschmidt
2018* meeting
in Boston, MA, August 12-17.

Please find our session description below. We are particularly interested
in geophysical and geochemical studies that investigate core-mantle
differentiation and how these interactions evolve with time. Abstract
submission closes March 30th.
02d: The Origin and Coupled Evolution of Planetary Cores and Mantles

*Invited Keynote: Seth Jacobson (Northwestern University) *

The Earth’s core was formed during planetary accretion, as a result of
gravitational segregation of metal from silicate made possible by
collisions between differentiated or undifferentiated planetesimals. The
conditions accompanying metal-silicate differentiation are responsible for
the chemistry of both the core and mantle. After accretion, the core and
mantle reservoirs continued to evolve as the early Earth cooled rapidly
during a magma ocean phase, and then more slowly after the formation of an
atmosphere. Changes in composition, pressure, and temperature over time
have resulted in the present-day physical and chemical properties observed
for Earth’s core and mantle. Similar accretion and differentiation
processes may have occurred on other planetary bodies, and the extent to
which their core-mantle evolutions are similar to that of Earth is expected
to be a function of a planet’s bulk composition, size, and cooling history.
We welcome contributions that employ experimental, geophysical, and
computational approaches alongside compositional constraints from natural
samples to elucidate the conditions, mechanisms, and timing of planetary
accretion and core-mantle differentiation. Additionally, we hope to
highlight the importance of both equilibrium and kinetic processes during
the coupled evolution of planetary cores and mantles.

Conveners: Kelsey Prissel, Corliss Kin I Sio, George Helffrich, Rajdeep Dasgupta

Kelsey B. Prissel
*NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellow*
*Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences*
*Washington University in St. Louis*

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