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Started: 2009-03-11 22:29:54
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Charlotte Rowe
2009-03-11 22:29:54

Hi, I'm new to the SAC help list so maybe this has been addressed
elsewhere. I have obtained the latest Linux version and have carefully
gone through all the setup instructions on my machine. Unfortunately I
don't have administrative access to my own (institutional-owned) laptop so
have had to put the SAC files into alternate directories and adjust the
paths and environmental variables accordingly.

When I invoke sac, all I get is a Floating Point Exception.
I have put this same version of SAC onto my own, personal computer at
home, and had no problems at all. The differences between the two are that
I can be root on the home machine so can put the files in their 'normal'
place, and also the two machines are running different flavors of Linux:

The home machine is running Ubuntu.
This machine that won't run SAC is Red Hat 2.6.9-5ELsmp

Can anyone offer an insight as to what the problem might be? I'm not even
trying to read files or open a plotting window at this point, I just type
"sac" and get a floating exception.


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